"Fonte da Moura" specializes in the welding of heavy parts and components, be they for the machinery, oil, gas, wind, or energy industries. With several welding stations, equipped with semi-automatic machines (MIG, MAG, TIG), as well as cutting, calendering, bending and lifting equipment capable of handling up to 50,000 kg.

The "Fonte da Moura" has its process of qualified welding specification according to ISO 15614-1, this process aims to demonstrate that, through this procedure, the welds are appropriate, according to the standards requirements. The maintenance of a team of welders duly certified and qualified for the types of services that the company performs, is an important factor to maintain its competitiveness. Certification of welders is part of the quality assurance system. Being certified by ISO 9606-1, for welding processes 111, 135, 136 and 138.

The quality of the welds is guaranteed by non - destructive tests, these are used to determine characteristics, properties (physical - chemical tests), dimensions (metrological tests) and behavior of parts or equipments (functional tests). They can be volumetric: they allow to evaluate the whole volume of the part (Tests by x-ray, ultrasound and induced currents), or subsurface: they allow to evaluate some areas of the part (Test by magnetoscopy), or superficial: they allow to evaluate only the surface areas of the part (Penetrant Liquid Tests).