Fonte da Moura has a long tradition in the manufacture and assembly of Metal structures.

From an early age she excelled in being involved in all types of metal structures projects, whether for buildings, warehouses, mezzanines, structures supporting equipment and bridges.

Fonte da Moura has collaborated with the main constructors and architects in some of the most important public-private works, such as numerous hypermarkets of the Sonae group, support structures of the Metro do Porto catenaries, Mc Donald's of Av. Boavista in Porto, the first phase of the Sá Carneiro Airport in Oporto, various schools for the School Park, among others.

With Permitnº 45915 (Class 1) and CAE 25110 for the fabrication of structures of metallic constructions, Fonte da Moura is certified for “TUV AUSTRIA” according to ISO 9001 for quality management and its production process is certified according to EN1090 for Metallic structures. The welding procedures are certified according to ISO 15614-1. All your welders are certified by ISO 9606-1, for welding processes 111, 135 and 138.

With a lifting capacity of 50 tons. SFM easily adapts to the fabrication of any structural solution required by the customer in accordance with current standards. Uses advanced software for 3D drawing and modeling. It has qualified technicians with the ability to interpret projects and highly qualified personnel in the manufacturing processes, qualified to manufacture according to the quality codes demanded by the clients and audit companies.

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