Permit No. 45915, CAE 25110 for the manufacture of metal structures.

Fonte da Moura is certified for “TUV AUSTRIA” according to ISO 9001 for quality management and its production process is certified according to EN1090 for Metallic structures.
The welding procedures are certified according to ISO 15614-1. All your welders are certified by ISO 9606-1, for welding processes 111, 135 and 138. Fonte da Moura has a quality control office and a suitably qualified staff to carry out all the work inherent to this area, namely to perform dimensional control and non-destructive testing. It also maintains partnership with some laboratories accredited for external controls.
In order to ensure customer satisfaction and compliance with applicable statutory and regulatory requirements, the work is performed according to the reference standards: ISO 9001; ISO 14001; OSHAS 18001; EN 10204; EN 1289; EN 473; ISO 9606; NP EN 1418; NP EN ISO 5817; EN 1290; EN ISO 15609- 1; EN ISO 15614-1; NP EN 473; NP EN 439; EN 29692; NP EN ISO 13916; NP EN ISO 14555; NP EN 970; NP EN 1291; NP EN 571-1; ISO TR 15608; ISO 13920.


EN 1090 Certificate - Steel Structures

Certificate of Welding Procedures

Certificate of Welding Procedures – Weldox

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